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Curse the darkness

It’s hard to write. It’s the holidays. It’s the drama. It’s the unexpected car repair, the meeting you don’t want to have tomorrow, the conversation you wish you hadn’t had today. It’s the fight with your sister, the lunch you forgot to pack, the accident that makes you reroute half an hour out of your […]

And So It Begins Again

Story idea: “Whatcha doing?” Me: “I’m enjoying having Finished One Thing, and now I’m Waiting for Feedback on the New Thing.” Story idea: “So you uh… don’t have a Current Thing?” Me: “No, I do. Just not with me right now. It’ll be back soon.” Story idea: “But it’s not back yet.” Me: “No, technically […]

When the Only Way Out is Not Through

This manuscript has almost been done since June. Still not done. Why not? The ending. It was as genuine as the grass in a cheap Easter basket. I outlined. I reworked. I swore. I started a dump file that now contains almost 50,000 words that I loved so much I couldn’t bear to delete them, […]

It Looked Good on Paper

I outlined this novel. Honest, I did. And it looked good. Spent two weeks on it. It was a good guide for about fifty pages and then       It all went straight to hell. What looked good in the outline was a hot mess of ┬áCharacters Behaving Badly For No Apparent Reason in […]

Why I Don’t

Recently, Chuck Wendig posted a challenge, a thousand words on why you write. Interesting, partly because of this recent conversation: Me: In fact, it wouldn’t even matter if I quit writing. *BLATANT ATTEMPT TO FISH FOR SUPPORT. CONTAINS NO ACTUAL PLAN TO QUIT* Friend: Yeah, probably not. Me: … It made me think, though. Why […]

In Defense of Stubborn Faith

What was kicking my ass is that I did everything right. Right potting soil. Seeds from a reputable vendor. Combined in trusty seed starter with warming pad. Watered to the precisely desired amount of dampness. And… nothing. Nada. Zip. No seedlings. Deep breath. “There’s always the nursery,” husband says. “We can buy plants.” *glare* “Worst […]


I’ve been taking the same class for twenty years. Well, not exactly. But I still remember walking into the room where my first CPR class was to be held. Bleach stung the air. The plastic mannequins rested on blue mats, placed just beyond the industrial grey tables and molded plastic chairs of the kind that […]

Novel Approach

There’s a particular book I love. Only a few have ever seen it, or know it exists, but I love it. It is the first story I ever wrote all the way through – haltingly over a few years. It’s not at all polished, but the bones of the story are lovely to me, and […]

Do You Hear What I Hear?

It was because I was hypoxic that I missed it for a while. That’s my story. Part of my daily commute includes a long road bordered by stretches of grey and dun farmland interrupted by a single farmhouse with a wide roof at a shallow angle. And on that roof tonight there were lights. Puzzling […]

Dear Manuscript

Right now, it’s just you and I. Right now, I’m enchanted by you. The plot feels organic, growing fresh and clear from the motivations of the characters, some of whom I know of old, and some of whom are new and interesting and whose very existence was a surprise. No one else has seen your […]