And So It Begins Again

Story idea: “Whatcha doing?”

Me: “I’m enjoying having Finished One Thing, and now I’m Waiting for Feedback on the New Thing.”

Story idea: “So you uh… don’t have a Current Thing?”

Me: “No, I do. Just not with me right now. It’ll be back soon.”

Story idea: “But it’s not back yet.”

Me: “No, technically not. But it will be. Soon. And it will have notes stuffed in its pockets. It will need my focus. It will need my attention. It will need my love. And the One Thing I Finished will come back again too.”

Story idea: “But they aren’t here now.”

Me: “No, but they’re coming.”

Story idea: “I’m here now.”

Me: “I see that.”

Story idea: “You could just outline me. I’m not asking for a commitment.”

Me: “Yeah, sure. It always starts with an outline.”

Story idea: “You know as well as I do that’s not true.”

Me *blush*: “Well…”

Story idea: “You could put me down anytime and come back to me. I wouldn’t mind.”

Me: “But…”

Story idea: “It’s going to rain this week. And get cold. Don’t you want something to distract you from rain and cold?”

Me: “I have cats. And books.”

Story idea: “But what if you had cats, books, AND an outline?”

Me: “Dammit. You’ve got me.”

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