Monthly Archives: October 2014

The power of should

Here’s the challenge: Use the word “should” in a sentence. I’ll bet that whatever came after “should”, especially if you used “I” in front of it, was something less than pleasant. The power of should. Should can suck all of the wanna out of you. For writing, specifically, I wonder if too much should leads […]

On Patience

When I send a manuscript out, I break up with it. Not the dramatic kind of breakup. There are no tears, no threats, no ultimatums. Just a quiet, amicable separation. I wish it well, I do. I think about it sometimes. I fantasize briefly about getting The Call while doing something humdrum – maybe driving […]

Life Cycle of a Rewrite

Since it seems to be all I can think about… Step 1: Receive feedback. Step 2: I need these notes. I want them. They’re good. I must get to work. Step 3: What have I done to this story? This can’t be right. What have I done? This isn’t right. Step 4: This can’t be […]