Three Things About Writing a Sequel

One: Less flexibility, because you built the sandbox with the first novel and everything that follows has to make sense and follow the rules you made up. Now it’s up to you to build a worthy sandcastle. Confined by the sandbox on all sides, but absolute freedom to build within those confines. Doesn’t mean I don’t wish I could tweak the confines.

Two: More responsibility. If people liked the first one, the responsibility not to suck is even greater than the first time you lobbed this storyline and this cast of characters into the universe. People care now. From page one. This is both awesome and terrifying.

Three: More accountability. I blew off the idea of spreadsheets to keep track of anything other than word counts and queries sent to agents once upon a time. After several hours spent cursing and trying to find out exactly what I said or how I spelled a minor character’s name, I am now a solid fan of the tracking spreadsheet.

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