Never take a knee

We sat down to watch the Broncos tonight.

Belief gave way to hope.

Hope gave way to stoicism.

On the Broncos’ last possession of the game, I looked at my husband and asked, in total frustration, “Why doesn’t Manning just take a knee?”

He eyed me and shot back, “When you were getting all those rejections on your manuscript last spring, why didn’t you just take a knee?”


I’m not Peyton Manning in any field or shape or form. No way.

But it’s persistence that gets you to the big dance. It’s hope that gets you back on the field calling plays even when there’s no reason to think you’re going to win. It’s professionalism that keeps you in the game.

Salud, Mr. Manning. You showed us something tonight. And though the Broncos didn’t win, they’re a team I can stand behind.

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