Monthly Archives: February 2014

Maybe if I don’t look at it

So there’s a thing that’s been bugging me. Prior to making it a professional endeavor, I was pretty selective about what I read in regards to writing. I devoured posts on how-to, mostly – how to write a query, how to write a synopsis, how to find a good agent. I would also read Chuck […]

Socks, Spices, and Valentine’s Day

I am notoriously bad at holidays. I generally know they’re coming (because I go to the grocery store and that makes the major ones hard to miss) but as far as actually doing anything about them – nope. “Did you make me socks?” my husband asked when I called him Friday to announce yet another […]

Never take a knee

We sat down to watch the Broncos tonight. Belief gave way to hope. Hope gave way to stoicism. On the Broncos’ last possession of the game, I looked at my husband and asked, in total frustration, “Why doesn’t Manning just take a knee?” He eyed me and shot back, “When you were getting all those […]