Only a little crazy

Yesterday was the big day – the author photo day.

I am not at all photogenic, and getting me to knowingly allow a picture means either something really important is happening or else someone is standing on my foot so I can’t get away. However, a person with a blog also needs at least one decent shot of herself.

Fortunately, my husband had a plan. We would take a day trip into Wyoming, and get the picture according to the vision he had in his head. He doesn’t often steer me wrong, and I never turn down a day trip.

When we left, it was nearly fifty degrees and sunny. On a whim, I tossed our winter coats into the truck. Just in case. It is January. We are going to Wyoming. The weather forecast says snow is coming in overnight.

Apparently “overnight” means “around one PM”.

As we headed to our destination, there was a wall of low, dark clouds that seemed to be coming towards us nearly as fast as we approached it. By the time we hit the Proposed Photo Area, it was starting to snow lightly.

And the wind.

Wyoming is nicknamed either “The Cowboy State” or “The Equality State” (Wyoming was one of the first, if not the first, places in the US where women were explicitly given the right to vote). I’ve personally nicknamed it “The Gale Force Wind State”.

And yesterday was no exception. But in the spirit of the pioneering forebears, we sucked it up and got it done. Only when fat flakes began to fall sideways did we decide it was time to rejoin the interstate via the county road and get home.

Some might say it’s crazy to drive several hours to and from Wyoming (for any reason) to take a picture (when probably one taken in the backyard would do). Some might also say it’s crazy to pack winter coats when it’s fifty degrees and sunny.

I say it’s only a little crazy.

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